Ain’t no party like an introvert party… NEW EPISODE LIVE!

Ain’t no party like an introvert party, because introvert parties don’t happen! I give you some A+ tips on avoiding and suffering through parties, and give a listener advice on how to be invited to parties and leave early.

(I need to note that it took me 5 whole minutes to get this gif from my gif file into this post)

(yes I have a gif file)


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As always I give a spiel in the intro, except I read something recently about how some listeners hate those intros. I need to soapbox here for a quick second. If you’re listening to something for free, that is most definitely not free to produce-record-edit-host-publish-etc, and are horribly offended by the suggestion that one could help support a show, you can skip to the 5 minute mark Sharron. I try not to get offended, but honestly it’s free. All of it is free for you and I want to keep it that way. I love you all so much!

Okay soapbox over you can put your glasses back on.

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