Apparently I’m NOT a grown up… NEW EPISODE LIVE

Okay friends I’m a garbage human, I’ve been thinking all day “I feel like I forgot to do something…” That something was actually somethings plural, because I forgot SO MANY THINGS. I’m blaming it on the freaking 95 degree weather we’re having here. I’m not a functional human in this heat.

This week we (recording Amy and editing Amy) talked about ~*adulting*~ and why a) it’s terrible, and b) how to make it less terrible (the jury’s still out) and clearly I’m not a highly effective grown up, because I forgot to write this blog post until 12 hours after the episode went up. But hey! At least an episode went up amiright?!

ALSO I’m starting a new segment tentatively titled “Ask Amy”, but might also be called: “Shitty Advice from Amy”, “Shitty Advice”, “Since you asked…”, “Finally someone cares about my opinion for once Sharon!” Okay that last one is a joke, but PLEASE send me a question you want shitty advice on! It’s like “Dear Abby” only way worse and also way funnier probably. You can email it to me by filling out this fancy form! Of course it will be anonymous, but I may give you a clever alliterated name if you don’t give me one.

Okay I’ll leave now, talk to you next week!

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