Episode 005 I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT SNACKS now live! (I’m v passionate)

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Hello my sweet introverted beta fish. How are you? Are you good? (this is a collective you) Are you ready for a new episode of your favorite podcast? Boy I have some stories for you. (again, collective.)

I was shamed for buying name brand yogurt people. (To clarify, I wasn’t buying yogurt people, just normal, non-sentient yogurt). Psych you thought I’d be talking about something new. Instead I ramble, rant, go 5 minutes over, and talk about my true passion: snacks.

Okay but grocery shopping is definitely the worst. That’s the topic today, or at least my attempt to follow some type of format. Is there a normal way to buy food, or am I at the mercy of Big Yogurt™?? I’m a greek-yogurt-eating sheep.

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P.S. someone on iTunes said I get a little too complain-ey, which is technically complaining about my complaining. Oh no now I’m doing it help!

P.P.S. You’re a beautiful person inside and out. Go kick butt today human. 

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